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BRIGID'S ENGLISH Language & Literature Online lessons & editing consultations provide you with a successful, comfortable, convenient & individualised English Language learning experience.

  • Enjoy your English Language & English  Literature lessons & consultations from the relaxed comfort of your own home, office or favourite cafe.

  • We invite you to make full use of our 24/7 scheduling service. Find the perfect time for your lessons & sessions.

  • Each lesson is professionally customised & designed to fulfil your specific English Language needs & goals. 

  • You decide the writing, talking, listening & reading ratio. Video chat, messages or Email.

  • You are in control of all aspects of your language experience at  BRIGID'S ENGLISH online.

  • You decide WHAT, WHEN, WHERE & HOW.



BRIGID'S ENGLISH Tutors are ready to guide & support you through every aspect of your academic, professional & personal English Language journey to success.

About our Tutors:

  • University educated with Honours degrees from UK universities.

  • Majoring in English Language, Literature & Education.

  • TEFL post graduate Certificate from Cambridge University.

  • Native RP speakers

  • Culturally sensitive. Professionally Innovative. Enthusiastic, Inspiring, Kind & Patient.

  • With over 20 successful years, guiding & supporting students & clients from around the world

Let us help you achieve your Academic, Professional & Personal English Language dreams & goals.

You choose WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW. 



The theme of the Month[


Free video lessons for lockdown 

  • Creative Activities for Kids Teenagers Adults

  • Successful self-study tips & advice for test preparation students.

  • Book Reviews.

  • Quizzes. 

  • Surveys.

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BRIGID'S ENGLISH Language & Literature Courses

BRIGID'S ENGLISH offers a range of successful,  professional & competitive English Language & Literature courses online.

  • Age 5 to 13

  • Age 14 to 17

  • Adult

  • Elementary, intermediate & advanced levels

You choose WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW.

* Parents are most welcome to join their child's lesson.

BRIGID'S ENGLISH Test Preparation Courses

BRIGID'S ENGLISH offers a range of successful,  professional & competitive English Language & Literature Test Preparation courses online

Lower Intermediate to Advanced Levels.

BRIGID'S ENGLISH specialises in: 


  • IELTS 

  • PTE

  • IGCSE & GCSE    English Language

  • IGCSE & GCSE    English Literature

  • A/S and A Level English Literature.

You choose WHAT, WHERE, WHEN &  HOW.



  • Support & guide both  native and ESL speakers to make clear & professional academic, business & personal documents with confidence

  • Work in partnership with you through the stages of planning, organising & editing.

  • Advise on the appropriate form, style & vocabulary.

  • Ensure clarity of purpose & form.

  • Give you the competitive edge & an excellent professional reputation.

  • You choose WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW.





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