Creative Writing for Halloween

Halloween, also known as All Saint's Eve is a christian festival of remembrance for the ancestors and the saints. Many believe that the traditions of Halloween originate from the Ancient Celtic End of Harvest Festival, Samhain. All ages revel in the traditions of apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, dressing up & sharing spooky stories around a blazing bonfire. Halloween offers teachers, parents & students a culturally rich opportunity to indulge & experiment with a bubbling cauldron full of dramatic, atmospheric & visceral language.

Our HALLOWEEN theme this year is "Literary Witches".

Our Students' top choices were: The three witches from Macbeth, Jadis the White Witch from Narnia & "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" from a poem by Keats & a painting by Henry Meynell Rheam. Contact us for a full list.


HALLOWEEN descriptive writing.

For all ages & levels.

Native speakers, EFL & ESL speakers.

Start your own SELF STUDY GROUP.

Contact us for Group Lesson information.

Let's Go!

1.Brainstorm witches.

2.Choose one.

3.Look at images of your chosen "Literary Witch ".

4.List descriptive vocabulary: adverbs, adjectives etc

5.Check your adjectives are in the correct order.

6.Do some research. Look at relevant texts & quotes for further inspiration. 7.Use a thesaurus for new words.

8.Include simile, metaphor & onomatopoeia.

For really vivid & effective writing include all the relevant senses.

Sight...What does she look like?

Touch ...What does she feel like?

Sound ...What does she sound like? Her voice & her movement.

Smell...What does she smell like?

Most importantly how does she make you feel?

Write & share with your friends & family. Read with expression.

Why not incorporate your work as part of a Halloween Party decoration or invitation.



1.Write a Halloween story.

Inspiration: The painting. "La Belle Dame Sans Merci".

For all levels & ages.

2.Compare & contrast your story with the poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" by John Keats.

For Lower intermediate-Advanced Level ESL & EFL speakers.

Native speakers Secondary School Level.

Autumn berries in the misty forest.

* Extra info:Look at the Pre Raphalite painting "La Belle Dame sans Merci" by Henry Meynell Rheam. There are other paintings of the same name but they are showing different parts of the story.

Squirrels collect nuts for the winter.

*Extra Info* The poem doesn't explicitly mention Halloween but with natural references such as:

"The Squirrel's granary is full

And the harvest is done." La Belle Dame Sans Merci. KEATS

The autumn pumpkin harvest

It is clear that the narrative takes place around Halloween. This is further reinforced by the mysterious & otherworldly plot, themes & imagery.



Look at the painting "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" By Henry Meynell Rheam.

Answer these questions.

Where are they?

What season is it?

What time of day is it?

How does the place make you feel?

Who is the knight?

Why is he lying down?

Who is the woman?

Why are the background figures painted blue?

What are they saying?

What happens next?

It is great to have a study partner.

Contact us for Group Lesson Information.

Ask each other questions.

Think about ...

What makes a good Halloween story?

CONTRAST is used to create tension & surprise.

Quiet to Loud.

Light to Dark.

Day to Night.

Peace to Confusion.

Calm to Tension.

Natural to Supernatural

Ordinary to Extra-ordinary.

Add some contrast to your story.

Plan & write your story.

Why not have a Spooky Story Halloween Party?

Share your story. Read with expression.


Halloween Sparklers

2.COMPARE & CONTRAST your story:

Lower-Intermediate to Advance EFL & ESL speakers.

Native speakers Secondary School.

1.Read the original poem or a simple retelling.

2.Compare & contrast your plot with Keats' plot.

3.What is the same & what is different?

4.What techniques does Keats use to create mystery & fear?

5.Compare & contrast your literary techniques with Keats'.

6.How did you make your story mysterious or scary?

7.Make a note of any new techniques you have noticed.

"La Belle Dame Sans Merci" was a popular theme among the

Pre Raphalite artists. Check out the other paintings. What part of the story are they showing?


Find images online for each verse/stanza of the poem.

Take your own photographs. Find a good location.

Dress up as the knight & La Belle Dame Sans Merci.

You will need lots of friends to dress up as the ghosts!

Make into a book using Microsoft word, Adobe or Photoshop.

Share with your friends & family.

Dress up as the characters . Photograph . Make a ebook.



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