DIWALI: Language for Compare & Contrast questions.

Choosing beautiful new clothes for Diwali.

Diwali is the Hindu Festival of Lights celebrating the victory of light over darkness. It takes place in October or November. Lamps, lights & candles illuminate houses, gardens, temples, shops & streets. People decorate their doorways with special Rangoli patterns. Towns are full of shoppers buying sweets, gifts & new festive clothing. Evening skies are lit up with spectacular fireworks.

Diwali fireworks Brigid's English Center

The ancient tale of The Ramayana is celebrated & shared at this time of year.

The Ramayana. The Tale of Rama & Sita. Brigid's English Center

The Ramayana retold by R.K. Narayan.

" Rama observed Princess Sita...she noticed him at the same time...They had been together not so long ago in Vaikunta, their original home in heaven, as Vishnu & his spouse Lakshmi..."

Narayan's re telling of the Epic is fragrant & fresh,imbued with an enchanting simplicity & innocence. An exciting tale set in a land long ago full of Gods, Goddesses, heroes & monsters.

"A voice of great distinction...Narayan is a trustworthy guide to the heart & mind of India"

Sunday Times, London.


IELTS & TOFEL students wishing to increase their range of vocabulary & general proficiency in English Language.

IGCSE & GCSE English Language & Literature Students.

EFL & ESL Students Lower Intermediate to Advance Levels.

Reading is a highly successful & enjoyable way to increase your vocabulary & internalize good language skills & structures.

Festival of lights Brigid's English Center

Lights, lamps & candles feature in many other festivals including Christmas & Hanukkah. When do you use special candles & lights?

Christmas lights Brigid's English Center


Compare & contrast 2 Festivals of Light.

Comparative & Superlative adjectives.


Words with 1 syllable eg High

Comparative = higher

Superlative =the highest


Words with 2 or more syllables eg colourful

Comparative = more or less colourful.

Superlative = the most colourful


Words ending with -Y eg busy

Comparative = busier

Superlative = the busiest


Short words ending with a consonant/vowel/consonant eg hot

Comparative = hotter than

Superlative = the hottest


Irregular eg good

Comparative = better

Superlative = the best


  • 2.Transitions:

  • however

  • in contrast

  • on the other hand.


3.Subordinating Conjunctions:

  • whereas/while

  • although

  • more than

  • far less than

  • twice as much as

  • 3 times more than

  • slightly more than

  • the same amount as.


Let's Go!


  • Choose 2 Festivals of Light.

  • Brainstorm festive vocabulary for both.

  • Include: food, decorations, stories, songs, new clothes, sweets, fireworks, visiting family, joy, cost, gifts, shopping, fun etc

  • Sort your information into 3 sections.

  • Use a 2 circle Venn Diagram to do this. One circle for activities only associated with Diwali. One circle for activities only associated with Christmas. Enter all shared activities in the intersecting section e.g. gifts.

Festive candle Brigid's English Center

A simple compare & contrast essay plan.



  • A general opening statement about Festivals of Light.

  • Introduce your 2 chosen festivals & your main points.

2.One or two paragraphs describing the similarities. 3.One or two paragraphs describing the differences.


  • A summary of your main points. Finish with a fun or inspiring

  • general statement.


Extension Activity

Use extracts from your festive writing to add an extra sparkle to a seasonal greeting card/email/End of Year Family Newsletter.




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