Make A Holiday Scrapbook

Start collecting all your holiday treasures now! Use them to decorate & illustrate your Holiday Scrapbook with stunning custom collages. Fill your scrapbook with our Fun Holiday Activities. Christmas Time is full of interesting things to collect. Invitations, cards, stamps, jokes, photos, messages, decorations, tickets, cool wrapping paper & super yummy recipes. Come & make your own personalized historical document. Wow, that sounds really impressive! Celebrate & preserve all your Christmas memorabilia, ephemera, trinkets & souvenirs. It will be great to share your memories.

Start Collecting NOW!

New Vocabulary Scrapbook: A book full of personal mementos, memorabilia, ephemera, trinkets & souvenirs.

Mementos & memorabilia: Objects which are kept or collected because they remind us of special events & people.

Ephemera: Things made to be used or enjoyed for only a short time. eg invitations & tickets.

Collage: Sticking images & objects together, often in a wonky way to create a beautiful & interesting piece of art or decorative border.

Photomontage: A collage made up of photos.

Superimpose: Put different images/objects over each other.

To embellish: To decorate more.To add glitter, sequins, buttons, beads & stickers.



Decorate your Scrapbook cover.

On small pieces of paper write the following information: Your name, best friends, date, title of your scrapbook, Christmassy words & phrases...Anything!

*Look at Activity 4, under Sponge Bob for a list of Christmas Words.

Stick them on.

Decorate your cover with a collage made of your Holiday memorabilia & ephemera.

Add embellishments.

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activities



Page one

Make a "Day by Day... Don't Forget it List!"

Stick an envelope on page one.

Write on pieces of paper:

Day by day....Don't forget it!...List in here!

Stick them on.

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activities

Decorate your page with your Christmas memorabilia & ephemera collage. Embellish.


HOW to write the list


15th Dec - Last day of school. Hurray! End of Term Party.

16th Dec - Went Christmas shopping with Mum. Bought lots of prickly holly!

17th Dec - Made millions of mince pies today. The kitchen smells amazing!

18th Dec -A really exciting day today ..........

Put the list in the envelope. Update every day.



Page two

Holiday Jokes

Write synonyms of the word laugh on pieces of paper.

Here are some examples: Ha ha ha!, Hee heee!, Ho ho ho!, guffaw, titter, cackle, yuk, hoot, howl, roar, snigger, snicker & giggle.

Stick them on your page.

Stick a decorated envelope on the page.

Write your favourite Christmas jokes on strips of card.

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activites

Here are some of our students' favourites.

What goes red white, red white, red white?

Santa rolling down a hill!

Who saw Santa?

The Dinosaur! (dinosaw!)

What do you call a sleeping Santa?

Santa pause.

What do you call a snowman party?

A snowball!

Why is it so cold at Christmas?

Because it is Decembrrrr!

What did one snowman say to the other snowman?

Do you smell carrots?

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activites

Put the strips of card in the envelope.

Decorate the envelope & page with your Holiday collage & embellish.



Page 3

Write a simple Acrostic Poem

A simple acrostic poem is a type of poetry where the first letter of each line spells out a word or phrase.

Let's do one together. Let's use the word "Christmas".

Work out the words for each letter with the clues below. "C" is for Christmas. "H" is for?



H---- a prickly tree.

R------- pulls Santa's sleigh

I-- something cold

S---- has a big white beard

T----- we put it on the tree

M---- --- People eat them in the UK

A---- They have a halo & wings

S------ Made out of snow

Write it down & stick in your scrapbook! Fantastic job!


Here is an example by one of our ESL students (age 12).

Inspired by reading "The Snowman" by Raymond Briggs.

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activities.


Nose of tangerine

Oooo so magical

Winter friend

Making you

Again & again

Never say Goodbye.

Thank you Alejandro for sharing your poem.


Happy Christmas

And a happy New Year

Peaceful world

People smiling

You too!

Thank you Min-seo (age 9 EFL student) for sharing your poem.


Brigid's English Language Christmas Activites

Why not choose your own holiday word & write your own acrostic poem.

Holiday Words:

Tinsel, lights, peace, sock, angel, fairy, Christmas, snow, cracker, presents, pudding, rudolf, Santa, cake, star, carol, snowman, reindeer, stocking, celebrate, tree, elves, icicles.

Stick onto page 4. Decorate & embellish.

Wow, you are so clever!!!



A Christmas Day Questionnaire

Page 4

What did you hear last night?

Have you ever heard Santa's sleigh bells? Or maybe the hooves of the reindeers on your roof?

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activities

Write a questionnaire. What did you hear last night?


What did you hear last night?

a.Sleigh Bells

b.Hooves on the roof

c.Coughing inside the chimney

d.Your bedroom door close quietly

e.Nothing. I slept all night


Ask all your friends & family. Record their answers.













Stick your completed questionnaire into your scrapbook.




Part Two coming on January 1st. More activities for your Holiday Scrapbook.


Click here for Christmas quiz & games

Brigid's English Language Christmas Activities


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