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WELCOME to Part Two of "Make A Holiday Scrapbook". More fun English Language holiday activities for kids. One of the best things about Holidays is all the delicious food. Bubbling pots, sizzling dishes, cool scoops & endless spoonfuls of scrumptious yum! Every country has its own mouth watering & dazzling selection of sweeties, candies, chocolates & ices.

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Collect your Holiday Candy memorabilia & ephemera. Wrappers (clean), recipes, adverts, photos, drawings, ingredients & descriptions.




Holiday Candy

What's your favourite holiday candy?



Decorate your scrapbook page with a Candy Collage.

Read the wrappers.

Find out: Price, main ingredients, description, & country of origin.

Write onto little pieces of paper.

Stick onto your collage.


Descriptive Words


Make an unique, delicious & mouthwatering description of your candy.

We need to use lots of interesting describing words called adjectives.

Adjectives give an opinion or a description.

We usually use them in this order :

1. General opinion: Lovely, excellent, traditional, cool, popular, great or famous.

2. Specific opinion: Delicious, mouthwatering, crispy, sticky, tasty or melt in your mouth.

3. Size: large, chunky, gigantic, mini, itty bitty, baby or fun size.

4. Shape: bar, chunks, slab, drop, heart, stick, long, thin or round.

5. Colour: creamy brown, shiny pink, dark chocolate, or glazed red.

6. Nationality: French, Japanese, Korean, British or Indian.


Usually, we only use 1 or 2 adjectives to describe a noun. Let's have some fun. See how many you can use! Here are some fun examples:


Fantastic, sticky, melt-in-your-mouth, ginormous, puffy-cloud-like, pink American cotton candy.



Fabulous, creamy, sweet, round scoops of green, pink & yellow Italian ice cream.



Write your description on a piece of paper.

Stick onto your Candy Collage.

Great work!



Holiday Cooking

Collect Holiday recipes, menus, pictures & shopping lists from magazines, newspapers, local shops & your family. Don't forget Grandma's special recipes!



Try our favourite spicy, creamy & sweet pumpkin pie recipe.


Make a Cooking Collage using all your cooking memorabilia & ephemera.

Write cooking verbs on pieces of paper. Simmer, stir, bake, grill, saute, grind, drizzle, dust, sprinkle, chill, decorate, pour, knead, layer, melt, barbeque, bake, marinade, sizzle & scoop.

Stick them onto your Cooking Collage.

Stick an envelope onto the page.

Fold up your favourite recipes & put inside.



My Holiday menu

Fold a piece of A4 card in half.

Write a mouthwatering menu inside.

Include a starter, a main course & a dessert.

Don't forget to use lots of yummy adjectives.

Stick into your Holiday Scrapbook.

You can make mini menus as well!



Homemade basil & tomato soup with crunchy garlic bread

Main course

Spicy fried rice with crispy tofu chunks


Delicious creamy coconut ice cream with itty bitty chocolate sprinkles


Stick in your Holiday Scrapbook.

Congratulations. Great work!

We love the mini menus! We are feeling really hungry now. Time for a little sweet treat!


Share with your friends & family.




Thank you for all your support.


From All of Us at Brigid's English .

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