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The New Year is celebrated with fabulous firework displays, chiming bells & special food. All festivities are accompanied with great excitement & hope for the Year ahead. But, does everyone celebrate their New Year in the same way or even on the same day? Does everyone use the same calendar? How much do you really know about celebrating the New Year & what it means to different people around the World? Take our New Year Quiz & find out!

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English language quiz for New Year

1. In which city do people watch a big crystal ball drop at midnight?

a Tokyo

b. New York

c. Rome


English Language quiz for New Year

2. What do many people in Rio, Brazil throw into the sea at midnight?

a. Money

b. Candy

c. Flowers

d .Fish

3. What is Big Ben?

a. A bell

b. A clock

c. The British Prime Minister

d. A UK chocolate bar

English Language New Year Quiz

4. What do many Russians decorate at New Year?

a. Furry hats.

b. New Year trees

c. Clocks

d. Icicles

Brigid's English Center Quiz

5.Which civic calendar do most countries in the World follow ?

a. Julian Calendar

b. Roman Calendar

c. Chinese Calendar

d. Gregorian Calendar

English Language Quiz

6.Who introduced the Gregorian calendar in 1582?

a. Pope Gregory XIII

b. King Gregory V

c. Prince George

d. Lady Juliana Gregoriana

7.Which heavenly body does a solar calendar follow?

a. The Moon

b. The Zodiac

c. The Sun

d. Jupiter

Brigid's English Language Quiz

8. Which of the following countries celebrate Lunar New Year?

a. China

b. Korea

c. Mongolia

d. All of them

9. When is Lunar New Year?

a. December

b. March

c. January or February

d. August

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10. Each Lunar Year is named after...?

a. An animal

b. A flower

c. A tree

d. A jewel

11. Which heavenly body does a Lunar calendar follow?

a. The Moon

b. The Sun

c. Jupiter

d. Halley's Comet

12.What is Jewish New Year called?

a. Passover

b. Rosh Hashanah

c. Easter

d. Lent

13. What do people carry to the temple during Lunar New Year?

a. Dragons

b. Candy

c. Lions

d. Lanterns

Brigid's English Language Lunar New Year Quiz

14. What do many people bring into their houses at Lunar New Year?

a. Plum blossom

b. Peach blossom

c. Apricot blossom

d. All of these

15. What do many people in Madrid eat, as the clock chimes 12 on New Year's Day?

a. 12 chocolates

b. 12 grapes

c. 12 olives

d. 12 plums

16. Why is the Japanese post office extra busy on January 1st?

a. Delivering thousands of plum trees

b. Delivering thousands of candy boxes

c. Delivering thousands of special New Year postcards

d. Delivering thousands of peach blossom bags

Brigid's English Center Quiz

17. In South Korea what do children receive in little embroidered bags?

a. Rice cakes

b. Money

c. Oranges

d. Sugar plum candy

18. How were the animals representing each Lunar Year chosen?

a. Alphabetical order

b. Size

c. How many toes

d. A race