Write a Valentine's Day Story

Welcome to our special Valentine's Day creative writing activity. Follow our simple story plan & writing tips to create your own fabulous story ."Pyramus & Thisbie" is a tale of 2 children, 2 houses, 2 gardens & 1 wall.

Long, long ago in the beautiful city of Babylon there were 2 children, who lived in two beautiful houses next door to each other, with 2 beautiful gardens full of beautiful flowers & one big fat wall.

The two families had always hated each other. They didn't want to see or hear each other.


1.The Setting

Describe the 2 houses & the 2 gardens.



Writing Tips

Include the style of house.

Is the garden sunny or shady?

What can you see, hear & smell?

Use the words below to help you.



2.Feuding Families

Why do you think the 2 families hate each other?

Describe the building of the wall.

Writing Tips

Repeat words to give the effect of the wall being built. Repeat the words higher & higher or wider & wider or fatter & fatter or taller & taller. E.g. "Every day the wall got higher & higher..."


3. Pyramus & Thisbie One day both families have a baby. One family has a little baby girl called Thisbie, while the other family has a baby boy called Pyramus.

Writing Tip

Describe how the families feel. Use the words below to help you.



4. The Hole in the Wall

The children whisper & giggle together secretly through the hole in the wall. They become best friends.

Where is the hole in the wall?

How big is it?

What games could you play through a hole in the wall?

Writing Tip

Use the list below to help you describe their friendship.



5. Teenagers

Pyramus & Thisbie grow up & fall in love. They plan to meet secretly in the forest by the Mulberry tree. How do they feel about the meeting?

Writing Tip

Use the words below to create an atmosphere of excitement.



6. The Meeting

Thisbie arrives first. A lion with a bloody mouth appears. Thisbie drops her shawl & runs away.

The lion tears up her shawl.

Pyramus arrives & thinks that the lion has eaten Thisbie.

What happens next?

How is your story going to end?

Will it be happy, unexpected, mysterious, funny or sad ?

Or maybe a bit of everything!!!

Writing Tip

Use the words below to make your writing pop!



Follow up activities:

Check out the original ending of the story. Which ending do you like best?

Did you know? William Shakespeare might have based his play "Romeo & Juliet" on the story of "Pyramus & Thisbie". He changed a few things: the names, time & setting to 13th or 14th century Verona, Italy. Why not modernized your tale? Change the names & the setting.

Decorate your Valentine's Day cards with your story.

Have fun! Re enact the story with your friends.

Check out our Valentine's Day word game & quiz.



Thank you for reading. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson with us.

See you soon!


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