Write an April Fools Newspaper Article

Welcome to our April Fools Day English Language Activity for Kids: How to write an April Fools Newspaper Article. On April 1st many people play practical jokes on their friends & family. Have you ever played a practical joke on someone? Have you ever hidden a plastic spider in your brother's breakfast bowl or a plastic snake in your sister's school bag? We love this dandelion flower practical joke!

Dandelion flower practical joke


What do you think the girl with the dandelion flower is saying to her friend? We like this one because it is really funny & easy to do.


Come & write a fun fake newspaper article to fool your friends & family!


New Vocabulary

  • The Reporter-The person who investigates a story & writes the article

  • The Headline-The title of the article in bold print

  • A Scoop-A news story which no other reporter has discovered yet

  • The five Ws-Who, What, Where, When & Why.

  • A Caption-A short explaination of the picture.

  • The Classified Ads-Adverts advertising items for sale & jobs

Morph reading a newspaper


How to write a Newspaper Article


1. Inspiration

  • Close your eyes & think. Does anything just pop into your head?

  • Look at some old newspapers & magazines. Are there any articles which you can twist or change or embellish?

  • Browse through some of your old picture books & comics. Are there any characters or story lines which inspire you?

  • Google April Fools Day hoaxes. Do any of these inspire you?

Our inspiration is from one of our favourite picture books, "The Tiger Who Came to Tea" by Judith Kerr. Enjoy the story here.


We have made some changes.

  • The tiger is now a lion

  • Sophie's house is now a primary school

  • It is now lunch time not tea time.

  • Sophie is replaced by a dinner lady & Jamie Oliver.


2. Brain storm your story.

  • Include the Five Ws.

  • Include 1 or 2 respected or well known witnesses to make your article believable.


Something like this...

Brain Storm Mind Map


3. Plan your story line

  • Headline-The title of the article in bold letters.

  • Lead Sentence-Needs to be really interesting to grab the readers attention.

  • Introduction-The 5 Ws. A quick introduction of Where When Who What Why

  • Opening Quotation-A quote from someone who was involved makes your article more interesting & believable.

  • Main Body -The full story. The 5 Ws in detail.

  • Closing Quote-A quote from someone who was there to make your article more interesting & believable.


Something like this...

Newspaper Article


4. Extra Extra Read all about it!

  • Add some funny fake classified Ads!

  • Add a joke weather forecast!



Thanks for reading.

Have Fun! See you soon!


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