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Welcome to our IGCSE & GCSE Revision Quiz for English Literature: Jane Eyre.

Grab a pen & pencil. Let's go!

Answers are at the bottom.


1. Who wrote Jane Eyre?

a. Charlotte Bronte

b. Emily Bronte

c. Anne Bronte


2. When was it written?

a. 1875

b. 1847

c. 1789


3. Jane has many ... in her life?

a. Obstacles

b. Lovers

c. Pets


4. Which adjective best describes Aunt Reed?

a. Abusive

b. Strict

c. Jolly


5. Lowood school is a ... place?

a. Grim

b. Happy

c. Kind


6. How does Jane over come these obstacles?

a. Love, religion & patience

b. Courage, determination & wit c. Courage, aggression & cheating


7. Which element of the plot did Charlotte experience in her own life?

a. She fell in love with her boss.

b. She inherited a lot of money

c. Her 2 younger sisters died from TB.


8. Which character says this to Jane?

" If she were to turn you off, you would have to go to the poor-house."

a. Bessie

b. Helen

c. Georgiana


9. Which character is portrayed as the opposite of Rochester?

a. Helen

b St John Rivers

c. Bertha


10. Which 3 children bully the young Jane?

a. John, Helen & Eliza

b. John, Georgiana, &Adele.

c. John, Georgiana & Eliza


11. Who looks after the sick & homeless Jane?

a. Bessie

b. The Rivers family

c. Helen


12. How does Jane become wealthy?

a. An inheritance from her Uncle.

b. By marrying Rochester

c. By investing her salary


13. What happens to Rochester when Jane first meets him?

a. He is sick

b. He falls off his horse.

c. He falls in love


14. Where does Jane go to school?

a. Thornfield Hall

b. Lowood

c. Summer Hill


15. What is in The Red Room?

a. A ghost

b. We don't really know

c. A big spider


16. Which character portrays a truly loving & meek model of Christian behaviour?

a. Jane

b. St John Rivers

c. Helen Burns


17.Which contrasting motifs appear throughout the text?

a. Youth & old age

b. Technology & nature

c. Fire & ice


18. "I would truly submit to have the bone of my arm broken..."What would Jane endure this pain for?

a. True affection

b. To marry Rochester

c. To become wealthy


19. Which character hates Rochester?

a. Adele

b. Jane

c. Bertha


20. What is Jane's reaction to Rochester's proposal?

a, Shock

b. Joy

c. Anger



  1. a...Charlotte Bronte

  2. b...1847

  3. a...Obstacles

  4. a...Abusive

  5. a...Grim

  6. b...Courage, determination & wit

  7. c...2 younger sisters died like Helen

  8. a...Bessie

  9. b...St John Rivers

  10. c...John, Georgianna & Eliza

  11. b...The Rivers family

  12. a... Inheritance from her uncle

  13. b...He falls off his horse!

  14. b...Lowood School

  15. b...We don't know for sure

  16. c...Helen

  17. c...Fire & ice

  18. a...True affection

  19. c...Bertha

  20. a...Shocked!



20 Fabulous! You are a sparkly star. Make some more questions of your own.

15-19 Good Job! You are a glittery star. Take the quiz again until you score 20. Then make some of your own.

Under 15 Take the quiz again until you score 20. Then make some your own questions!


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Good Luck with your revision!

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