Revision Quiz: Animal Farm

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1. What is the name of the farmer?

a. Jones

b. Boxer

c. Green

d. George


2. Which character seizes power by force?

a. Boxer

b. Napoleon

c. Farmer Jones

d. old Major?


3. What kind of animal is Boxer?

a. Horse

b. Pig

c. Sheep

d. Cow


4. When was Animal Farm first published?

a. 1959

b. 1918

c. 1945



5. Which poet didn't think it would be a success?

a. W.B Yates

b. T.S. Elliot

c. Thomas Hardy

d. Robert Graves


6. This novella is a .........?

a. Parable

b. Myth

c. Allegory

d. Fairy Tale


7. Which historical events does the novella reflect?

a. The second world war

b. The Russian revolution

c. The first world war

d. The American civil war


8. Which character calls for a secret meeting?

a. Old Major

b. The chicken

c. Snowball

d. Boxer


9. Which animal starts the rebellion?

a. A cow

b. A chicken

c. A dog

d. A cat


10. Which animals become bossy, cruel & greedy?

a. The cows

b.The geese

c. The horses

d. The pigs


11. Which character breaks the commandments first?

a. Snowball

b. Boxer

c. Napoleon

d. Old Major


12. Which character collapses from over work?

a. Boxer

b. Napoleon

c. Mr Jones

d. Snowball


13. What do the animals build?

a. A tower

b. A house

c. A windmill

d. A bed


14. Which group of animals start to carry whips?

a. The dogs

b. The chickens

c. The pigs

d. The sheep


15. Old Major finishes his speech with a ......?

a. Party

b. Song

c. Poem

d. Feast


16. Old Major is based on which 2 historical figures?

a. Marx & Engels

b. Stalin & Lenin

c. Marx & Lenin

d. Trotsky & Lenin


17. "Is it not clear, then, comrades, that all the ........ of this life of ours spring from the tyranny of human beings?"

a. Joys

b. Problems

c. Profit

d. Evils


18. Which historical figure is Napoleon based on?

a. Stalin

b. Napoleon

c. Marx

d. Lenin


19. Which character is used by Napoleon as a scapegoat?

a. Mr Jones

b. Snowball

c. Boxer

d. old Major


20. Which historical figure does Snowball reflect?

a. Stalin

b. Lenin

c. Trotsky

d. Tolstoy


21. What type of character is Boxer?

a. A tragic hero

b. An anti hero

c. A willing hero

d. A loner hero


22. Which character tries to motivate the other animals to help him save Boxer?

a. The cow

b. Snowball

c. Squealer

d. Benjamin



  1. a

  2. b

  3. a

  4. c

  5. b

  6. c

  7. b

  8. a

  9. a

  10. d

  11. c

  12. a

  13. c

  14. c

  15. b

  16. c

  17. d

  18. a

  19. b

  20. c

  21. a

  22. d



22-Wow! You are a sparkly star! Move onto your next revision topic.

15-20-Good job! You are a glittery star. Take the quiz again until you get 22.

Under 15-Good try! You are still a star. Take the quiz again until you get 22.


Revision Tips

Ask your family to test you

Add your own questions

Quiz with your study friends


Thank you for reading. Good luck with your revision.

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See you soon!



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