Homemade Revision Games

Welcome to Brigid's Homemade Revision Games. We all know that the best way to revise is to read... write... read... write... read... write...Here's an effective & fun approach to add a little sparkle to your grueling revision timetable. All your revision reading & writing can give you an Extra Double Boost of Brilliance!


Start with a Good Basic Revision Plan:

  1. Read & make notes from your coursebooks, class-notes & past test papers.

  2. Make Mind Maps from your notes

  3. Read Write Test Read Write Test Read Write Test Read Write Test


Extra Double Boost of Brilliance!


For your Extra Double Boost of Brilliance turn your Mind Maps into a set of Q&A cards.


Bonus Revision Benefits

  • Learn while you research the questions & answers

  • Learn while you write out the questions & answers

  • Learn while you play the Revision Games

  • Learn while you share your revision cards with your friends


Three simple & effective Revision Games.


Game One


  • A4 paper or card

  • Coloured pens

  • Scissors

  • You can use different coloured paper or pens for different topics




  • Fold the paper/card

  • Don't waste valuable revision time measuring & decorating the cards

  • Cut out

  • On one side of the card write the question

  • On the other side of the card write the answer

  • You need between 20 & 40 Q&A cards.


Rules for One Player

  • Put the Q&A cards in a pile

  • Take the top card

  • Answer the question

  • Turn the card over

  • Right answers go onto a YES pile

  • Wrong or incomplete answers go onto a NOT YET pile

  • Keep going until all the cards are in your YES pile


Rules for Two or More Players

  • Take it in turns to take a Q&A card

  • Answer correctly to keep the card

  • Incorrectly or incompletely answered Q&A cards are returned to the bottom of the pile

  • Keep going until all the Q&A cards have been answered correctly

  • The player with the most cards is the winner


A Fun Twist:

  • Use a stop watch to see how long it takes you to answer all the questions correctly

  • Challenge your study friends



Game two

  • Use 2 different colours of paper

  • Fold the paper

  • Cut out

  • Use one colour for the questions

  • Use a different colour for the answers

  • One question or answer per card

  • Make 20-40 revision cards



Rules for one or More Players:

  • Place all the revision cards face down on a table

  • Spread them out evenly


  • Choose 1 question card & 1 answer card.

  • Turn the 2 cards over

  • The player wins any correct pairs

  • Any non pairs are returned face down on the table

  • Keep going until all the pairs have been found

  • The player with the most pairs is the winner


Game Three

  • Use Game 2 revision cards

  • For two or more players

  • Put the A&Q cards together

  • Shuffle well


  • Give 7 cards to each player

  • Put your 7 cards face up in front of you

  • Put the left over cards in a pile in the middle of the table



  • One player starts

  • Look at your 7 cards

  • Do you have any correct pairs?

  • YES

Put your correct pairs in a pile to your right.

Always have 7 cards in front of you.

When you have less take some from the middle pile.

  • NO

Choose 2 of your 7 cards and put them on the bottom of the middle pile.

Take the top 2 cards from the middle pile.

Can you make a pair?

  • Play until the middle pile is empty.

The winner is the player with the most pairs.


Good luck with your revision & your exams.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a revision lesson with us.



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