"When we were small" Book Quiz

Welcome to our Children's Book Quiz Part One. A massive thanks to everyone who has contributed to this quiz! We had so many suggestions we have written a part 1 & 2. The correct answer is under each question. Scroll down carefully, so you don't reveal the answer too quickly!

1. Who has very long arms?

a. Mr. Bounce

b. Mr. Bossy

c. Mr. Tickle


Mr. Tickle!

2.Who puts on a wolf suit & makes mischief?

a. Big Bad Bun

b. Piglet

c. Max


Max in "Where the Wild Things Are"

3. In which book do 7 women wash an endless amount of grubby hankies & horrid socks?

a. Where The Wild Things Are

b. The Wild Washerwomen

c. The Invisible Smelly Sock


The Wild Washerwomen

4. Who slept for 100 years?

a. Snow white

b. Princess Jasmine

c. Princess Aurora


Princess Aurora in "Sleeping Beauty"

5. Whose back garden do Sophie & The BFG break into?

a. The Queen's

b. The King's

c. The giant's


The Queen's back garden!

6. BFG is an acronym for ...?

a. Bubble Floating Giant

b. Big Friendly Giant

c. Best Friend Giant


Big Friendly Giant!

7. What is a "ringbeller" in "Gobblefunk"?

a. A clock

b. A good dream

c. Playtime bell


A good dream!

8. What is Gobblefunk?

a. Made up words from Roald Dahl books

b. Made up words from "Alice in Wonderland"

c. Made up words from Dr. Seuss books


Made up words found in Roald Dahl books!

9. What does The BFG keep in bottles?

a. Children

b. Dreams

c. Music



10. Which word is missing from this dream label "I is inventing a car that runs on......."?

a. Toothpaste

b. Brussel sprouts

c. Candy floss



11. Which picture book did Hitler burn?

a. Winnie the Pooh

b. Treasure Island

c. The Story of Ferdinand


The Story of Ferdinand. Gandhi thought it was a wonderful book!

12. Who wears a tall red & white hat?

a. Mouse

b. Cat

c. Gandalf


The Cat in the Hat!

13. How many names does "Six Dinners Sid" have?

a. 6

b. 1

c. 2


He has 6 different names! Do you know them?

14. Where does "The Mousehole Cat" live?

a. Cornwall

b. Devon

c. Powys



15. Who wrote "Swallows & Amazons"?

a. A.A. Milne

b. Enid Blyton

c. Arthur Ransome


Arthur Ransome

16. Who are the "Amazons"?

a. Vicky & Susan

b. Nancy & Peggy

c. Uncle Jim & Mother


Nancy & Peggy!

17. What do the children in "Swallow & Amazons" called Uncle Jim?

a. Captain Flint

b. Tom

c. Long John Silver


Captain Flint