A Midsummer Night's Dream

Welcome to our "A Midsummer Night's Dream" Summer Special. A bumper pack of fun activities designed for all abilities & ages. Something for everyone. From English Literature students-to little sisters-to Grandmas & Grandpas!


  • An exclusive True Love Mix & Match activity with free printables

  • Find the Missing Word Quote activity-see below

  • Simple story plot retelling for all ages & abilities-free printables

  • Simple story plot for cutting, mixing & re ordering activities-free printables

"The course of true love never did run smooth"

Activity One

True Love Mix & Match activity

  • Help the young lovers find their true love with our colourful activity cards

  • Restore harmony & balance to the world by reunited the Fairy King Oberon & Queen Titania

  • Celebrate the marriage between Duke Theseus of Athens & Queen Hippolyta

There are 8 character cards: Titania, Oberon, Theseus, Hippolyta, Hermia, Lysander, Helena & Demetrius.

  • Print each character card x 4

  • A total of 36 cards

  • Laminate the cards

How to play

For one to four players

  1. Put all the cards face down on a table.

  2. Each player turns over 2 cards.

  3. The player keeps the cards when the 2 cards are a true love match.

  4. Mismatched pairs are returned face down on the table.

  5. Continue playing until all the pairs have been matched.

  6. The player with the most pairs of True Love is the winner!


  1. Give each player 6 cards. The remaining cards are put in a pile on the table.

  2. Put your cards face up on the table in front of you.

  3. Do you have any True Love pairs?

  4. If YES, keep the pair & take 2 new cards from the top of the pile.

  5. If NO, throw one card away. Put it next to the pile & take a new card from the top of the pile.

  6. Continue until all the True Love pairs have been reunited or the pile is finished.

  7. The player with the most amount of True Love pairs is the winner!

Click on the picture below for a quick slide show of our True Love activity cards.

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Activity Two

Find the Missing Word-Quote Quiz.

Grab a pencil & paper.

Find the missing words.


"Four days will quickly steep themselves in night.

Four nights will quickly .......away the time."


a. dream

b. count

c. waste

d. blow


"Full of vexation come I with complaint

Against my child, my daughter......."


a. Helena

b. Titania

c. Juliet

d. Hermia


"I would my father looked but with my......."


a. heart

b. eyes

c. soul


"To live a barren sister all your life,

chanting faint hymns to the....... fruitless moon."


a. wild

b. crescent

c. crone

d. cold


"The course of true love never did run....."


a. gently

b. smooth

c. true

d. quickly


"My tongue should catch your tongue's sweet......."


a. melody

b. taste

c. Sound

d. whispers


"I will go tell him of fair Hermia's.......,

Then to the wood will he tomorrow night."


a. plan

b. escape

c. flight

d. elopement


"Nay, faith, let me not play a....... I have a beard coming."


a. wall

b. lion

c. moon

d. woman


"I must go seek dew drops here,

And hang a.......in every cowslip's ear."


a. diamond

b. pearl

c. sparkle

d. jewel


"I have forsworn his....... & company."


a. love

b. kisses

c. bed

d. gifts


"The juice of it on sleeping.......laid."


a. eyelids

b. hearts

c. lips

d. brows


"What thou seest when thou dost awake,

Do it for they true....... take."


a. companion

b. enemy

c. friend

d. love