Basic Grammar Guide: Nouns

Welcome to Brigid's Basic Grammar Guide: Part Two-NOUNS.

Our guides look at the 9 parts of speech (nouns, verbs, pronouns, article, adjectives, adverbs, interjections, conjunctions & prepositions).

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8 basic types of nouns

  1. Common nouns

  2. Proper nouns

  3. Concrete nouns

  4. Abstract nouns

  5. Gerunds

  6. Countable nouns

  7. Uncountable nouns

  8. Collective nouns

Many nouns are more than one type of noun. E.g An elephant is a common noun, a concrete noun & a countable noun.


Common nouns

People, places & things. No capital letter is used, unless it is the 1st word in a sentence.


  • people - friend, girl, boy, baby, singer, footballer, husband,

  • places - school, house, field, shop, lake, cafe, beach, factory

  • things - shoe, book, cat, rice, chair, bike, phone


Proper Nouns

The name of a particular person, place or thing. A capital letter is always used.


  • people - Sanjay, Katy Perry, Mum, President Obama, Gandhi, Snoopy, Jane Austen, Hindu

  • places - Highfield School, St. Mary's Hospital, Waterloo Station, Africa, Paris, Pizza Hut

  • things - Nike, Channel, Coca Cola, The Guardian, Vogue, Star Wars, Buddhism


Concrete nouns

Anything which you can experience with your 5 senses

  • see

  • hear

  • smell

  • taste

  • touch


Abstract nouns

Things which you cannot touch. Ideas and concepts.


  • Love

  • liberty

  • joy

  • freedom

  • hatred

  • peace

  • fear



Nouns which end in "ing"


  • I love swimming

  • My sister & I enjoy walking

  • The cat hates swimming

Important- the following are not gerunds.

I am swimming

I was swimming

I have been swimming.

The word "Swimming" in these examples is a verb not a noun.


Countable nouns

A noun which:

  • Can be counted

  • Can be used after A/An

Has a singular & plural form E.g an apple or 5 apples

Sometimes the singular & plural form are the same E.g 1 sheep. 100 sheep


Uncountable nouns

A noun which cannot be counted.

  • isn't normally used after A/An eg Sugar NOT A sugar

  • has only one form E.g sugar NOT sugars

  • is used with a singular verb E.g The sugar is in the bowl NOT The sugar are in the bowl

Furniture & stationary are also collective nouns.


Collective nouns

A noun which names a group of people, animals or things.


  • flock

  • furniture

  • army

  • team

  • herd





Make a Colourful Noun Poster

A quick preview of our free printable Noun Cards.

If you would like a free copy Click here!


How to make

  1. Printout our 8 colourful Noun Cards or design your own.

  2. Stick them onto a large sheet of paper.

  3. Personalize & embellish your poster with stickers-glitter-pictures-words-photos

Hang on your bedroom wall.


Make a digital poster & use it as your PC or laptop screen saver.



  • Share your digital poster online with all your friends & family

  • Donate your poster to a school or community center


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If you have any questions or would like to book a lesson with us please click here! Thank you for reading. Next time we will share a fun activity to help you remember PROPER & COMMON nouns. Have a fabulous week!




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