Proper & Common Nouns

Welcome to Brigid's Basic Grammar Guide: Part Three - Proper & Common Nouns.

Our guide looks at the 9 parts of speech. Each guide has 3 sections to give you a complete learning experience.

  1. LEARN - Target language with free printables

  2. CREATE - An effective & creative activity to reinforce the target language

  3. SHARE - Ideas to share & showcase your learning with friends & family




Proper Nouns

  • A name used for an individual/unique/particular person, place, thing or organization

  • Will have a capital letter no matter where it is in a sentence


Queen Lucy-Wednesday-August-Nike-Kenya-King Peter-Thursday-London-Amazon-Gucci-Mr Bean-Christmas-Japan- Bay of Bengal-Chanel-Diwali-King Arthur-Picasso-Buddhist-Manchester United-The Beatles-Mozart-Korea-Madrid-Jamie Oliver-Marc Jacobs-Abuja-Iranian-English-Hindi-Great Expectations-Pride & Prejudice-Ted Hughes-Thames-Atlantic


A proper noun quiz.

All about YOU! Answer with 1 or 2 words.

  1. What's your name?

  2. Where do you live?

  3. Where were you born?

  4. What school do/did you attend?

  5. What university do/will you attend?

  6. What is your favourite make of car?

  7. Who is your favourite singer?

  8. Where was your best holiday?

  9. Which month were you born in?

  10. What is the worst day of the week?

  11. Which religious or cultural holiday do you enjoy most?

  12. Who is your favourite designer?


All your answers should be a proper noun. Don't forget to use a capital letter!


Common Nouns

  • A name used for a type of person, place, thing or idea

  • Will NOT have a capital letter unless at the beginning of a sentence

girl-boy-husband-river-rain-love-city-country-house-food-hedgehog-spider-village-bus-star-bowl-hospital-school-temple-shop-shoe-balloon-kiss-coffee-teapot-chopsticks-chili sauce-ant-hope-fear-hat-rainbow-night-dream-mountain-volcano-monsoon-summer-spoon-book-lipstick-noodles-rain-teacher-student-peace


A common noun quiz

All about YOU!

  1. What type of house do you live in?

  2. What is your favourite colour?

  3. What did you eat for breakfast this morning?

  4. Do you prefer tea or coffee?

  5. Do you enjoy reading novels or magazines?

  6. How do you get to school/work/university?

  7. What is your favourite fruit?

  8. What animals scare you?

  9. What do you wear on your wrist?

  10. What type of music do you like?

  11. Would you like to ride an elephant or a horse?

  12. Do you prefer rice or bread?



Find Someone Who...card game

Click here for your free printables




Make our-Find Someone Who....card game

Click here for your card game free printables

  • Print & laminate our free printable cards

  • Read the proper noun labels

  • Think of a question to match each label

  • Write each question on a small piece of card

Laminate your question cards


NOW make it extra


  • Add pictures of yourself-class mates -heroes- celebrities-pets

  • Add proper noun labels to each picture

  • Write a question card for each label

  • Laminate


Example questions

  • Find someone who loves Gucci

  • Find someone who speaks 3 languages

  • Find someone who is Swedish

  • Find someone who likes Jay Z

  • Find someone who loves Sade

  • Find someone who loves Christmas

  • Find someone who supports the Super Eagles

  • Find someone who was born in April

  • Find someone who loves Friday

  • Find someone who has a dog called Snowy Paws

  • Find someone who lives in England

  • Find someone who has a sister called Lakshmi

  • Find someone who supports Rangers F.C.


How to play

  • Share all the picture cards between the players

  • Each player holds their cards face down

  • Put the question cards in the middle

  • Turn over the first question card


  • Take it in turns to place a face up picture card onto the table

  • Continue until the picture card has a label answering the question card

  • SLAM your hand on top of it!


  • The first hand slammed on the correct picture card wins

  • The winner takes the picture card & all the cards underneath

The winner adds these cards to the bottom of their pile

  • Turn over the next question card

  • Keep going until one player has won all the picture cards!



  • Players who slam their hand onto an incorrect picture card MUST give each player one of their picture cards.

  • Players who have no cards are out!




  • Play Find Someone Who...... with your friends & family

  • Have the picture of you & your proper nouns printed onto a T shirt.

Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson with us!



Have a fabulous week. See you soon!


Copyright August 2017


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