Roald Dahl Day Quiz

A very happy Roald Dahl day!

A Fun Quiz to celebrate one of our favourite authors!

1. Who is Matilda's teacher?

a. Miss Fruity

b. Miss Jam

c. Miss Honey

2. What does Esio Trot spell backwards?

a. turtle

b. trotters

c. tortoise

3. Who sizzles in the sun like a sausage?

a. The Enormous Crocodile

b. The Roly Poly Bird

c. Trunky

4. What is BFG an acronym for?

a. Best Friend Giant

b. Big Friendly Giant

c. Bigger Fatter Ginormous

5.What kind of animal is Pelly?

a. giraffe

b. monkey

c. pelican

6. What colour are the Tinkle Tinkle trees?

a. pink & purple

b. white & yellow

c. blue & pink

7. Who finds the first Golden Ticket?

a. Augustus Gloop

b. Veruca Salt

c. Mike Teavee

8. Who is addicted to gum?

a. The enormous Crocodile

b. Violet Beuregarde

c. Willy Wonka

9. What does the magic potion Formula 86 do?

a. turns children into candy

b. turns children into mice

c. turns children into mice at a specific time

10. Who makes some "marvelous medicine"?

a. Charlie

b. George

c. Danny

11. What is Agatha Trunchbull's profession?

a. headteacher

b. dentist

c. writer

12. Who puts a newt into Miss Trunchbull's water jug?

a. Rose

b. Fleur

c. Lavender

13. What does the BFG catch?

a. a cold

b. dreams

c. measles

14. What does the BFG eat?

a. snozzcumbers

b. frubblicious fruits

c. human beings

15. Who is the scary leader of the giants?

a. BFG

b. Sophie

c. Fleshlumpeater

16. What is frobscottle?

a. a fizzy drink

b. a special scooter

c. a chewy sweet

17. How many children does Mr Fox have?

a. 4

b. 2

c. 0

18. What type of home does Danny live in?

a. cottage

b. gypsy caravan

c. castle

19. What makes the giant peach grow?

a. magic beans

b. magic green crocodile tongues

c. magic enormous pink crocodile tongues

20. What makes the peach fly?

a. an engine

b. 1000 butterflies

c. 500 seagulls

21. What does the peach seed become?

a. a mansion

b. a castle

c. a palace

22. What happens to Violet Beauregarde when she eats some experimental gum?

a. turns into a giant peach

b. turns into a giant blueberry

c. turns into a giant bubble



  1. C Miss Honey

  2. C Tortoise

  3. A The Enormous Crocodile

  4. B Big Friendly Giant

  5. C Pelican

  6. A Pink & purple

  7. A Augustus Gloop

  8. B Violet Beuregarde

  9. C Children into mice at a specific time

  10. B George

  11. A Headteacher

  12. C Lavender

  13. B Dreams

  14. A Snozzcumbers

  15. C Fleshlumpeater

  16. A Fizzy drink

  17. A Four

  18. B Gypsy caravan

  19. B Magic green crocodile tongues

  20. C 500 seagulls

  21. A Mansion

  22. B Turns into a giant blueberry



20 - 22.......Wow you are a shiny Golden Ticket!

15 - 19..... Fabulous you are a Scrumptious Delight!

Under 15 .....Have another go with a friend. Keep going until you are a Golden Ticket!


Thanks for reading. Have a great week! See you soon.

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