A Halloween Quiz

Welcome to our Halloween Quiz. Come and test your knowledge on Literary Witches from Homer & Shakespeare to Roald Dahl & J.K Rowling. We all have a favourite witch, enchantress, nymph or wise woman. She may appear sparkly, delightful & good or downright terrifyingly evil or just really really cool!

A rich plethora of both dazzling & shadowy powerful female characters arise from the pages of our favourite mythologies, legends, folklore, fairy tales & modern literature. They can delight us or simply terrify us! Many help the protagonist set the world to rights, while others turn the world upside down. The world of story, legend & myth continue to boil, bubble, sizzle, quiver & pop with a infinitely satisfying literary feast of powerful female characters.

Are you ready? Let's go!! Answers at the bottom!

1. How many witches appear in Macbeth?




2. What are they collectively known as?

a.The Weird Sisters

b.The Three Fates

c. The Blasted Heath Crones

3. Which witch DOESN'T try to enchant Odysseus?

a. Circe

b. Calypso

c. The Wicked Witch of the West.

4. Which witch is associated with Avalon?

a. Jadis

b. Morgana Le Fey

c. Baba Yaga

5. What is the White Witch's name in "The Chronicles of Narnia"?

a. Ursula

b. Jadis

c. Lucy

6. Who wrote the poem "La Belle Dame Sans Merci"?

a. Keats

b. Coleridge

c. Larkin

7. Where did La belle Dame Sans Merci take the knight?

a. To her fairy bower

b. To her Elfin grot

c. To Avalon

8. How many witches appear in "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz"?



c. 5

9. Which witch does Dorothy accidentally kill when she lands in Oz?

a. The witch of the west

b. The witch of the east

c. The witch of the south

d. The witch of the north

10. In which country is "The Crucible" set?

a. America

b. England

c. Scotland

11. Who is the first victim in "The Crucible"?

a. John Proctor

b. Abigal

c. Tituba

12. Which is the historical setting for " The Crucible"?

a. Salem witch trials

b. French revolution

c. American Civil War

13. Who wrote "The crucible"?

a. T.S. Eliot

b. Arthur Miller

c. Tennessee Williams

14. What is "The Crucible" an allegory for?

a. Capitalism

b. Communism

c. McCarthyism

15. In the Harry Potter books, who is described as "the brightest witch of her age"?

a. Baba Yaga

b. Hermione Granger

c. Meg

16. In the Bible who visited the Witch of Endor?

a. King David

b. King Saul

c. The Philistines

17. Who is the Goddess of witches in Greek mythology?

a. Hecate

b. Athena

c. Artemis

18. Who flies in a mortar?

a. Meg & Mog

b. Baba Yaga

c. Snow White

19. Where does the Baba Yaga live?

a. In a house on chicken legs

b. In a house on bee legs

c. In a house on unicorn legs

20. Who wrote the Meg & Mog books?

a. A.A Milne

b. Helen Nicolls

c. Brothers Grimm

21. Who was told to fetch a light from the Baba Yaga's hut?

a. Vasilisa

b. King Arthur

c. Sleeping Beauty

22. In Welsh mythology who lives near Lake Bala?

a. Circe

b. Meg

c. Ceridwen

23. Ceridwen makes a magic potion in her cauldron to transform her son into a...?

a. Handsome boy

b. Wise boy

c. Brave boy

24. Which of Chaucer's characters tells the story of "The Loathly Lady" on the way to Canterbury?

a. The Miller

b. The Priest

c. The Wife of Bath

25. In the Arthurian legends, which knight marries the Loathly Lady?

a. Lancelot

b. Gwain

c. Galahad

26. In "The Wizard of Oz" who gives Dorothy a pair of silver shoes?

a. The Good Witch of the North

b. The Wizard of Oz

c. Toto