English Language Fun for Halloween

Welcome to our Halloween special for kids. Fun & creative English language activities specially designed to enrich story time with the classic picture book "Meg & Mog" by Helen Nicholls.

Meg is a cute but accident prone little witch. She lives with her two best friends Mog & Owl. The trio enjoy many funny & quirky adventures together.

  • Read the story

  • Take our quiz

  • Get your scissors ready for a fun cut-out sequencing activity

  • Practice using sequencing words

  • Sharpen your pencil for a sound & action matching activity

  • Practice making & writing the sounds

  • Use these sounds to make your story telling really pop!!!

  • Please contact us for all your free printables.



  • Find a copy of "Meg and Mog"

  • Read the story

  • You can also listen to & watch the story on YouTube (link below)

  • In the book Mog says "Meeeeooow" when Meg treads on his tail. In the cartoon he says "Aaahh!".

  • The quiz questions are based on the book.




Get a pencil & a piece of paper

Answers at the bottom

Let's go!


1.Who wakes up Meg?

a. Mog

b. Owl


2. What time does Meg wake up?

a. midday

b. midnight


3. What does she put on first?

a. hat

b. stockings


4. Who is sleeping downstairs?

a. Mog

b. Owl


5. What does Mog do at quarter past twelve?

a. Hoot

b. Meeeeooooow!


6. How many eggs?

a. 3

b. 4


7. What is a kipper?

a. fish

b. jam


8. Where is the party?

a. On the beach

b. On a hill


9. What does Meg put in the cauldron?

a. bat

b. spider


10. What goes wrong with the spell?

a. Her friends turn into bats.

b. Her friends turn into mice.


11. When will Meg change the mice back into her friends?

a. Next Halloween

b. Next Christmas


Please contact us for your free printable quiz sheet.



  • Cut out our free printable or draw your own

  • Make a zig zag book

  • Put the pictures into the correct order

  • Stick the pictures into your zig zag book

  • Write a sentence under each picture (see below)

  • Use sequencing words in your sentences (see below)_



HOW to use sequencing words.

Use sequencing words to make your writing super smart & clever!


1. What does Meg put on first?

  • Meg puts on her stockings first.

2. What does she put on next?

  • Next Meg puts on her.....

3. What does she put on after that?

  • After that Meg .....

4. What does she put on last?

  • Last of all Meg............

Top marks!!!


Words for Sounds

  • There are lots of sound words in the story

  • Find some

  • Practice making & writing the sounds

  • Match the correct sound with the correct action

  • Draw a line between them



Contact us for your free printables.


Quiz Answers

  1. Owl wakes up Mog.

  2. Meg wakes up at midnight.

  3. First she puts on her stockings.

  4. Mog is sleeping downstairs.

  5. Mog yells,"Meeeeoooow!" at quarter past twelve.

  6. 3 eggs.

  7. A kipper is a smoked fish.

  8. The party is on a hill.

  9. Meg puts a spider in the cauldron.

  10. Her friends turn into mice.

  11. Meg will try to change them back next Halloween.



9 to 11 WOW!!! You are a glittery gold cauldron!

6 to 8 Good job! You are a sparkly silver cauldron!

5 & under. Have another go with a friend. Keeping going until you are a glittery gold cauldron!


Thanks for reading! Please contact us if you have any questions or to book a lesson!

See you next time. Have a fabulous week.




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