Pride & Prejudice: Part Two

Welcome to Brigid's Book Club Part Two: Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen.


  • A quick quiz to help you understand the text

  • Beautiful free printables to start your own set of character profiles

  • Fascinating background information on Regency social etiquette

  • Fun activities for your Book Club to enjoy

In Chapter Two we meet the Bennet family & take our first peek into the rigid world of polite society. Jane Austen introduces us to a hierarchals world where the strict observation of social etiquette & the preservation of a good reputation are everything. This is especially true for women. A life where every action & word is veiled in an array of iron clad rules.

"A woman's reputation is as brittle as it is beautiful."

Pride & Prejudice

Hard to achieve yet easy to destroy.


A quick refresh from Part One.

What do we already know about the Bennet girls (according to their parents)?



What do these quotes tell us about the girls & their parents?


Chapter Two

  • Read

  • Highlight information on the Bennet girls

  • Take our Quick Quiz


Quick Quiz


1.How many Bennet girls are there?

a. 4

b. 5

c. 6


2.Who is trimming a hat?

a. Lizzy

b. Mr Bennet

c. Mary


3. Who coughs & annoys Mrs Bennet?

a. Jane

b. Kitty

c. Mary


4. Which sister loves reading?

a. Lizzy

b. Lydia

c. Mary


5. Which sister is the youngest?

a. lydia

b. Jane

c. Kitty


6. What is an assemblie?

a. A school building

b. A public ball

c. A religious gathering


7. What is "trimming a hat"?

a. Decorating a hat

b. Re sizing a hat

c. Cleaning a hat


8. Who is described as " a selfish, hypocritical women"?

a. Jane

b. Mrs. Long

c. The cook


9. When is the next ball?

a. At Christmas

b. In two weeks time

c. In October


10. Who does Mrs Bennet think Mr Bingley will dance with the most?

a. Lydia

b. Jane

c. Mrs Long's nieces


11. What don't they spend the rest of the evening talking about?

a. What to wear to the ball

b. When Mr Bingley would call

c. When they should invite Mr Bingley to dinner


12. What is "make extracts"?

a. Make a special soup

b. Prepare fruit for wine making

c. Write your favourite quotes into a little book


13. Who leaves the room "fatigued"?

a. Mr Bingley

b. Mr Bennet

c. Mrs Bennet


14. Which character says

" Do you consider the forms of introduction and the stress that is laid upon them, as nonsense?"

a. Mrs Bennet

b. Elizabeth

c. Mr Bennet


15. Which word is missing?

" Well, how pleased I am! And it is such a good ....... , too, that you should have gone this morning, & never said a word about it till now."

Mrs Bennet

a. Trick

b. Ruse

c. Joke


Answers at the bottom.


Make a character profile for each of the Bennets.

Free Printables.

Contact us to get your free copies!


Social Etiquette in Regency England Strict social etiquette was maintained through a set of intricate rules. These codes of behaviour had 2 main purposes:

  1. To enabled the lower levels of the gentry & those of new money to further their social position & reputation.

  2. To provide a discreet & water tight means for the aristocracy to keep undesirable elements out.


Discuss Chapter two

  • So, what is all the fuss about?

  • Why is it so important for Mr Bennet to visit Mr Bingley?

  • Which of the etiquette rules below are relevant to the Bennets?


Some Rules of Regency Etiquette


The rules were slightly more relaxed in the countryside than in town



This was especially true for older residents.


The rules were very different for men & women.



There were special rules for newcomers



Men & women would always leave a calling card.



Regency calling cards were made of high quality paper. The designs were very simple. Men carried them in their breast pocket. Women carried them in a special little box. These boxes were made of gold, silver, papier mache, silk or leather.


Introductions, calls & invitations

Socializing was an integral part of polite Regency society. Being accepted by your social superiors & equals was highly valued. Failure to adhere to the strict rules of social etiquette could result in the loss of reputation. A single social faux pied could herald an individual's or family's social downfall. To be shunned & ostracised from polite society was something to be avoided at all costs . Scrupulous observation of the rules of etiquette concerning introductions, calls & invitations were of central importance for the well being of all levels of the gentry. Fastidious attention to etiquette provided women & girls with a good reputation. A good reputation was essential to secure an advantageous marriage.

Jane Austen uses introductions, calls & invitations as a plot device in Pride & Prejudice. Introductions, calls & invitations highlight & provide the opportunity for the most important & pivotal points in the novel.


Book Club Activity

  • Have fun reading the dialogue together.

  • Take turns playing different characters

  • Improvise the dialogue for modern characters in a modern setting

  • Rewrite the dialogue

  • Record & share your creation!


A handsome & single celebrity is moving to your neighbourhood or attending your school.

How do you & your friends or you & your daughters meet him?

What social etiquette, if any do you need to follow?


Thanks for reading.

Please contact with your questions or to book a lesson


Quiz Answers!

  1. b

  2. a

  3. b

  4. c

  5. a

  6. b

  7. a

  8. b

  9. b

  10. a

  11. a

  12. c

  13. b

  14. c

  15. c


10-15 you are a glittering golden Jane!

8-10 you are a sparkly silver Jane!

Under 8- have another go until you glitter & sparkle too!



That was so much fun! See you soon.

Have a fabulous week!



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