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Welcome to Brigid's HOW TO AVOID COMMON MISTAKES series. THERE/THEIR/THEY'RE are three common words which often confuse students because they

  • Sound the same

  • Are written differently

  • Have different meanings

Words which sound the same but have different meanings & spellings are called homophones. Contact us for your FREE PRINTABLES - A colourful set of revision cards/ mini posters.

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Can be used in 3 main ways




  1. A place you have already mentioned E.g We went to Japan. It was amazing. We want to go there again.

  2. A place which you are pointing to or looking at E.g "Look there!" He said, pointing to a beautiful butterfly.

  • Pronoun

  1. To introduce the subject. E.g There is a spider in the web. There are many bees.

  • Interjection

  1. To show emotion or feeling. E.g "There,there. Do you feel better now?" Asked the nurse.



We went to the beach & stayed there all day.

  • I'm going to the Spa today. I'm going to have a massage there.

  • The friends love the new cafe. They go there after class every day.


There is a ladybird on the flower.

  • There are 3 strawberry cupcakes & 4 chocolate donuts.

  • There is a big spot on my chin.



"There, that didn't hurt." (comforting & reassuring)

  • "There there, you'll feel better soon." (comforting & reassuring)

  • "There! My homework is finished." (happy or angry or relieved)





THEIR is a possessive determiner. It shows what belongs to or is associated with a group of people or things.




The children are speaking English. It is their favourite language.

  • The horses are in their paddock eating their hay.

  • They are busy doing their revision.

  • Put the crayons back into their box.

  • The family are eating their favourite noodle soup.

  • Cats love to lick their paws.

  • All the players are doing their best.

  • This is their university.

  • The ducks are swimming in their pond.



A short way to say & write THERE ARE





Can be use in 2 main ways

  • Present tense E.g. They are clever/They're clever

  • Present continuous tense E.g. They are running/They're running


Present tense



Present Continuous tense



Quick Quiz!

  1. The unicorns shook ..... manes.

  2. ..... playing tennis.

  3. The children drank all ..... milk.

  4. ..... happy because ..... having a party today.

  5. They forgot ..... books.

  6. "Quick! Look over .....!"

  7. I went to Paris last week. I loved it .....

  8. "..... ....., it will be ok."

  9. ..... are two tables over ....

  10. The cats are hiding in the garden. I can see that ..... over .....

Answers at the bottom


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Quiz Answers

  1. The unicorns shook their manes.

  2. They're playing tennis.

  3. The children drank all their milk.

  4. They're happy because they're having a party today.

  5. They forgot their books.

  6. "Quick! Look over there!"

  7. I went to Paris last week. I loved it there.

  8. "There there, it will be ok."

  9. There are two tables over there.

  10. The cats are hiding in the garden. I can see that they're hiding over there.


Have a fabulous week & see you soon.


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