Top 10 Quotes of Summer

Top Ten Quotes of Summer


Welcome to Brigid's Top Ten Quotes of Summer. Writers dip & dive into the collective honey pot of summery experience & memory. Here are our Top Ten 'summery' insights into the human condition. The majority of our favourite quotes celebrate the simple sensory joys & magical florescence of summer. The others expose the menacing whispers of innocence lost & the wistful regrets of lost youth & opportunities.

Which one is your Number One?



Suddenly summer is here. The sun shines and nature bursts open. We open windows & doors. We rush outside while flinging off woolly winter wear. Our lightly clad bodies festoon the parks & gardens like a thousand flowers.




Summer is full of amazing smells. The fragrance of freshly cut grass and the sweet perfume of sun dried hay in the meadow are among the most loved.




The smiling sun bestows a feeling of joy & prosperity.




Many of our summer memories are wrapped in a golden glow. They are enchanting, dazzling & dreamy.




The warm summer nights are just so beautiful.



The enchantment of summer is so powerful that even the most unlikely matches become possible. A magic wand waves away social convention.



4. Lying in the grass we come face to face with the mini world of scuttling legs, buzzy wings & fragrant petals.




The tastes, the sounds & the stains of berry picking recall the joy of innocent fun. Here the poet pops the nostalgic scene with little jabs of sinister imagery. The innocence of childhood slowly deflates. The sharp jabs hint & foretell the inevitable loss of innocence.




Eliot uses the pleasure of summer memories to emphasize the regret of lost opportunities & youth. The spell is broken. Summer is over.



Number One


Enough of the doom & gloom!

Let's celebrate the eternal child like delight of endless blue skies & white fluffy clouds with our NUMBER ONE Christina Rossetti.



Thank you so much for reading.

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