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Welcome to Brigid's Activities for Summer Quotes.

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  • Ten short summery quotes

  • Eliot to Rossetti

  • Identifying different literary techniques

  • Developing a personal response


Class brainstorm the Best & the Worst things about summer.

Use all the senses.




Sights of summer

  • Sounds of summer

  • Smells of summer

  • Tastes of summer

  • Feelings of summer

  • Activities & experiences of summer


Free printables


  • Place the quote cards around the classroom

  • Divide students into pairs

  • Each pair finds their favourite & least favourite quote

  • Whole class report-back

  • Record likes & dislikes on board

  • Discuss in pairs/groups/report back to class


Activity Two

  • Divide your class into groups of 4

  • Give each group a Find It sheet

  • Find as many literary techniques as possible

  • Class report-back

  • Discuss


Literary techniques Find It sheet

Try & find an example of ...

Find it!
  1. Metaphor

  2. Simile

  3. Alliteration

  4. Personification

  5. Pathetic fallacy

  6. Onomatopoeia

  7. Hyperbole


These quotes don't include examples of all the above literary techniques.



Activity Three

  • Class vote for the best & worst quote

  • Discuss why it is the best/worst


We hope you have enjoyed this activity. It is a great activity for a new class to get to know each other in a really creative way.

If you have any questions about the post or would like to book a session with us please click here!

Thanks for reading & sharing.

See you soon





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