Ordinal Numbers for Lunar New Year


Ordinal Numbers

  • Dates

My birthday is on the 29th of March.

We have a test on the 3rd of November.

Last Wednesday was the 10th of March.

  • Position

Rat came 1st in the race.

Olivia is always 1st to put on her shoes.

I'm going to eat my pudding 1st!


Learn your ordinal numbers with The Great zodiac Race Story

  • Make a fabulous Lunar New Year card game

  • Make stick puppets to re tell the story

  • Use masks to perform the story

Click on the picture below to check out our fun & creative Great Race guided writing activity.



Watch a cute puppet show of the story. Get Inspired & make your own show!



Wow! What a cool story.

Who did you think was going to win?

How do you feel about Rat & Snake?

What was your favourite part of the story?


Make our Lunar New Year Card Game


You need

  • 12 pieces of card x 2 (size up to you)

  • Pens, pencils or paint


Subscribers! Click on the photo for your free PDF


Write & draw on your cards (give word & number stickers for small kids)

  • 1st-First- Rat

  • 2nd- Second -Ox

  • 3rd-Third -Tiger

  • 4th-Fourth-Rabbit

  • 5th-Fifth-Dragon

  • 6th-Sixth-Snake

  • 7th-Seventh-Horse

  • 8th-Eighth-Sheep/Goat

  • 9th-Ninth-Monkey

  • 10th-Tenth-Rooster

  • 11th-Eleventh-Dog

  • 12th-Twelfth-Pig


How To Play

  • Kids work in pairs

  • 2 pairs of kids need 24 cards

  • Put all 24 card face down on the table/floor

  • 1st pair of kids turn over 1 card each.

  • Take the cards *You may take only one of each animal card

  • 2nd pair does the same

  • Continue until one pair has all 12 animals.

  • When a pair of kids has all 12 animals they must lay them all out in order & shout "FINISHED!"

  • Play stops

  • If all the cards are in the correct order this pair WINS!!!


That was so much fun. Thanks for reading.

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Brigid Happy Lunar New Year




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