Valentine's Day Game


A fun Valentine's Day game for all ages & abilities.



Brainstorm your own list of True Love Couples


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How to play in class

  1. Make your cards

  2. Use our free printables or make your own

  3. Write one name on one card

  4. Share out the cards ( 1 or 2 per student)

  5. The students stand up

Walk around to find the true love of their character card


Are there any left over character cards?

Find out who belongs together



  • Research each character

  • Draw the character on the card

  • Write key character words & info on the cards

  • Match each couple to the correct movie, novel, fairy tale or play

  • Where did they meet?

  • How did they meet?

  • Were there any challenges to over come?

  • Download our Free Record sheet



Add your own cards

Add your own name & your celebrity crush

Use your cards to play pairs





That was so much fun. Thanks for playing. See you soon!



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