Christmas Games

Hello everyone! Welcome to Brigid's Christmas Games. Here are two colourful dice games to play with your kids. The printables can also be used as festive reward charts.


Game one

Decorate the tree - to practice your shapes

  • Cut out the shapes

  • Each player has a game board

  • Throw a 1 for a circle

  • Throw a 2 for a heart etc

  • The first player to collect one of each shape is the winner


Game Two

Collect the presents - to practice your numbers 1-6

  • Cut out the presents

  • Each player has a game board

  • Throw 1 and collect present One

  • Throw 2 and collect present two etc

  • The first player to collect presents 1 to 6 is the winner



Free black and white Festive Shapes activity worksheets PDF


Download PDF • 141KB


Free Brigid's Christmas Games one and two Colour PDF


Brigid’s Christmas Game printables
Download PDF • 1.20MB

Have fun learning your numbers and shapes. Thanks for reading. Please contact us to:

  • Book your English lessons

  • Ask any questions about learning or teaching English




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