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Welcome to Brigid's Diwali activities for your kids



  • Make present tense Diwali sentences

  • Make a Diwali sentence card game

  • Diwali colouring in pages

  • Free printables




Sixty basic Diwali words to make at least 30 different Diwali present tense sentences


  1. We give Diwali presents.

  2. Grandad and I watch the fireworks.

  3. I go to the temple.

  4. Granma and I decorate the house.

  5. My family and I light Diwali lamps.



Brigid's free Diwali colouring pages


Download your free printables here and cut out the words to make your sentences.

Download PDF • 846KB

Print 2 copies of Brigid's Diwali Sentences...free printables

Decorate one copy. This is your baseboard. Do not cut out!

Cut out the words from copy number 2.

Place the word cards on the matching baseboard.

Enjoy our free Diwali colouring pages too!


Happy Diwali

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