Writing A Family Newsletter 2016

November 1, 2016

Right now the shops are full of huge, ripe, shiny orange pumpkins, black pointy hats & all kinds of spooky sparkles. Soon the streets will be glowing & dancing with bright Diwali lamps, quickly followed by Christmas trees dazzling with angels, stars & lights. Before all the fun begins why not start planing your End of Year Family Newsletter. Designing & writing a newsletter is a meaningful & creative way to showcase & share all your English Language skills & knowledge. Follow our simple & effective Self Study Guide.

Self Study Activity. BRIGID'S ENGLISH

How to write a simple & effective End of Year Newsletter.

For All ages

For All levels 


1.Choose a desk top publisher. 

2.Choose a clear font eg Times or Comic Sans for the main body.

3.Choose a larger/decorative font for the main title & paragraph headings. 

4.How are you going to organize your news?

   By month, by person, by season, by event type? 

5.Event topics: education news, work news, health news, festival/party news,

    weather news, holiday news, house news, hobby news, garden news, pet news etc

6. Organize into boxes or columns.

7. Keep it fun, clear, simple & interesting. One or Two pages is enough. 

8 Add relevant & interesting photos. Make it COLOURFUL.

9.Who is the NARRATOR?

     Normally it would be you. Why not try something different? Be creative & choose an unique &    interesting narrator.  A well loved family pet? A favourite teddy bear?  



Include an interview with the "Narrator" or another family member. 

Give a variety of family awards. For the best cupcake of 2016, the best joke of 2016 etc 

Add a family quiz.

REMEMBER keep it short, simple & fun!

Contact us if you need help planing/editing.

It is fun to remember & share your 2016 experiences.







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