Write A Mother's Day Poem

March 22, 2020




Welcome to Brigid's English Mother's Day  Language activity for kids. Come & make your own Petal Poem for your Mum or special Aunty today.  Let's celebrate our clever & beautiful Mums with a clever & beautiful Petal Poem Card.

Think of six words which describe your Mum.

Here are some ideas!

Generous Clever Kind Adventurous Brainy Organised Beautiful daring thoughtful

Funny Professional Sporty Caring Understanding Fun brave heroic talented

Make your words pop with a simile!

To make a simile use "as" or "like"


My Mum is as unique as a snowflake!


My Mum is unique like a snowflake!

My Mum is as playful as a panda!


My Mum is playful like a panda!

My Mum is as delicious as chocolate cake!



My Mum is delicious like chocolate cake!

My Mum is as beautiful as a butterfly!


My Mum is beautiful like a butterfly!

My Mum is as all knowing as an owl!


My Mum is all knowing like an owl!

Click here to practice making some fun similes.

Make the card

2 pieces of A4 card

Watercolours or pencils


Fold both pieces of card in half

Open out one piece.

Draw a pot & stem on the bottom half

Draw a 6 petaled flower on the top half



Use water colours or pencils to add some colour.

Write a simile on each petal.

Carefully cut around the flower.

Stick your flower pot onto the folded card.


 A beautiful Petal Poem Card for your mum!


Feeling super creative?

Let's make another poem to put inside the card.

An acrostic poem with similes. Wow!!

Choose a Mother's Day word or phrase






My Mum is as magical as the moon

Unique as an unicorn

My Mum is as marvelous as melting marshmallows 



Have a wonderful Mother's Day!



Thank you for reading. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson with us!



 See you soon! Have a happy & creative week!





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