A Yummy Easter Egg Quiz

April 7, 2019




Welcome to our Very Yummy Easter Egg Quiz 2017. Come & see how much you really know about Easter Eggs & all things chocolaty! Practice your research & question making skills by making some questions of your own. 

 Grab a pen & paper. Let's go!

1. What is the origin of the word Easter?

a. From the verb to eat

b. Old fashioned spelling of egg

c. The Goddess of spring, Eostre
d. From the word feast

2. What were the first Easter Eggs? 

a. Chocolate eggs

b. Painted chicken eggs

c. Painted goose eggs

d. Knitted eggs

3. Where has the earliest known record of an Easter egg been found?

a. Mesopotamia

b. Vatican City

c. Florence

d. Jerusalem


4. What is inside a Cascarones Easter egg?

a. Jelly beans

b. Confetti

c. A toy

d. Marshmallows

5. What is an Easter Egg Roll?

a. A crispy egg snack

b. An Easter pudding

c. An Easter dance

d. An egg rolling competition


6. Where is the most famous Easter Egg Roll in America?

a. On the White House lawn

b. Across the Golden Gate Bridge

c. Disney Land

d. Central Park

7. How much was a diamond encrusted Easter egg sold for in 2007?


b.£9 million

c.£1 million


8. In which year was the first chocolate Easter egg produced ?

a. 1899


c. 1873

d. 1945


9. Approximately, how many Easter eggs are sold in the UK every year?

a. 80 million

b. 100 million

c. 5 million

d. 1 million

10. What are Easter eggs in Goa, India made from?

a. Chocolate

b. Coconut cream

c. Marzipan

d. Sticky rice


11. What is a Faberge Egg?

a. A perfume

b. A dinosaur egg

c. A soap egg

d. A jeweled egg

12. Who was the first Faberge Egg made for?

a. Tsar Alexander III

b. Mickey Mouse

c. Queen Victoria

d. Big Bird from Sesame Street


13. What was inside the first Faberge Egg?

a. Chocolates

b. Another egg

c. A gold & diamond hen

d. A diamond Easter Bunny


14. What is a Pysanka?

a. A very small Polish Easter egg

b. A very big Russian Easter egg 

c. A very big Ukrainian Easter egg 

d. A painted ostrich egg 

15. On average, how many Easter eggs does a kid in the UK eat each year?

a. 8.8

b. 5.2

c. 6.3

d. 2.5

16. What is chocolate made from?

a. Cocoa bark

b. Cocoa flowers

c. Cocoa roots

d. Cocoa beans


 17. Who used cocoa beans as money?

a. The Mayans

b. The Aztecs

c. Willy Wonka

d. The Egyptians 

18. In 2016 what did Bobo the dog swallow whole?

a. A cream egg

b. A dinosaur egg

c. A diamond encrusted egg

d. An kinder surprise egg

19. Which part of a chocolate Easter bunny do most people eat first? 

a. Feet

b. Tail

c. Ears

d. Break it into little pieces

20. What is in the Easter Bunny's basket?

a. Carrots

b. Eggs

c. Milk

d. Chicks




  1. c

  2. b

  3. a

  4. b

  5. d

  6. a

  7. b

  8. c

  9. a

  10. c

  11. d

  12. a

  13. b

  14. c

  15. a

  16. d

  17. b

  18. d

  19. c

  20. b


15-20 Wow! You are a glittery star!

10-15  Fabulous! You are a sparkly star!

Under 10 Good try! You are a star!

Some Quick Tips to write your own quiz

  • Research interesting facts about Easter, spring & chocolate.

  • Use how which what when why & where questions for a multiple choice quiz.

  • For multiple choice include the correct answer, 1 or 2 incorrect answers & 1 funny answer!

  • Make a simple True or False quiz.


Thank you for reading & sharing!

Have fun making your own quiz. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to book a lesson with us.



 See you soon!


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