Prepositions of place with "Fantastic Mr Fox".

November 1, 2017

 Welcome to Brigid's Book Club for Kids. Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. In chapter two we find out where Mr Fox lives.

Prediction Time!

Where do you think Mr Fox lives?


wood palace cave tree nest flat caravan river beach mountain hill carpark hole tent cottage cabin valley farm desert coral reef rainforest rose garden barn igloo hut island marsh 

Read Chapter Two.



Quick Quiz! Answers at the bottom.


1. Mr Fox lives in a...

a. forest

b. wood

c. marsh

2. Mr Fox lives on a...

a. mountain

b. boat

c. hill

3. The hill is above a...

a. valley

b. beach

c. castle


4. On the hill there is a...

a. sports center

b. wood

c. haunted house

4. In the wood there is a huge...

a. dragon

b. shopping mall

c. tree

5. There is a hole under the... 

a. tree 

b. shopping mall

c. dragon

6. Mr Fox lives in a...

a. barn

b. hole

c. tree


Prepositions of Place

What are prepositions of place?

Here are some:

  • on

  • in

  • next to

  • beside

  • behind

  • under

  • on top

  • over

  • behind

  • in between

  • in front

  • above

FREE printables

  • Print each card twice

  • Laminate

  • Play Pairs

READ the first paragraph again.  

"On a hill above the valley there was a wood.

In the wood there was a huge tree.

Under the tree there was a hole.

In the hole lived Mr Fox & Mrs Fox & their four small foxes."

Fantastic Mr Fox

  • There are five prepositions of place in this paragraph

  • Find them

  • Draw Mr Fox's home from this description 

Quick Quiz Answers

  1. Mr Fox lives in a wood.

  2. Mr Fox lives on a hill.

  3. Above a valley.

  4. A huge tree.

  5. There is a hole under the tree.

  6. In a hole.

Thanks for reading.

Please contact us to book a lesson or ask a question!

Have a fabulous week. See you soon!



  copyright October 2017



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