Revision: Its or It's?

July 15, 2018

Welcome to Brigid's HOW TO AVOID COMMON MISTAKES series.

Its or It's?


These two little words often confuse students because they: 

  • Sound the same

  • Are written differently

  • Have different meanings 

Words which sound the same but have different meanings & spellings are called homophones.

*Incorrect use causes loss of precious exam marks. 

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Its & It's

There are 3 main ways to use its & it's.

  1. Its...  The possessive form. Something or someone which belongs to a thing

  2. It's... The short way (contraction) to write & say It is

  3. It's...The short way to say It has (not written)

1. Its The possessive form



Something (or someone) which belongs to (or is associated) with a thing. 

  • Its nose

  • Its ball

  • Its feathers

  • Its toy

  • Its mother


 What is a thing?

  • An inanimate object E.g. a tree, a car, a house

  • An animal with an unspecified/unknown gender

  • A young human baby with an unspecified/unknown gender


Its engine...the engine belongs to the car (an inanimate object). The car's engine.

Its web...   the web belongs to the spider (we don't know if the animal is male or female). The spider's web.

Its pram... the pram belongs to the baby (we don't know if the baby is male or female). The baby's pram.

Its fur...     the fur belongs to the rabbit (we don't know if the animal is male or female) The rabbit's fur. 


2. It's The short form of It is

Two ways to write & say it's

  • Present tense

  • Present continuous tense

Present Tense

  • It's a fruit...    short form of ...  It is a fruit

  • It's happy...    short form of ...  It is happy

  • It's raining...  short form of...   It is raining

Present continuous

  • It's swimming... short form of...   It is swimming

  • It's crying...       short form of..    .It is crying

  • It's raining...      short form of..    .It is raining 

3. It's the short form of It has


  • It's dropped its toy...                  a short form of     It has dropped its toy

  • It's eaten the cake...                   a short form of      It has eaten the cake

  • It's crawled away...                    a short form of      It has crawled away

  • It's smashed on the floor...        a short form of      It has smashed on the floor

  • It's broken...                               a short form of      It has broken...

  • It's been raining all day...         a short form of      It has been raining all day

Test yourself & your study buddy

Its or It's. Fill in the gaps. 

  1. The baby has dropped...dummy.

  2. The sun is shining. ...sunny today!

  3. Yikes! There is a spider. ...crawling up your leg!

  4. ... a blue tractor.

  5. ... really windy today.

  6. Look at that kitten. ... really cute.

  7. ...flying through the window.

  8. The cat is licking ... paws. 

  9. The baby is drinking ...milk.

  10. The polar bear's playing in the snow. ... rolling over & over. 


  1. The baby has dropped its dummy.

  2. The sun is shining. It's sunny today! 

  3. Yikes! There is a spider. It's crawling up your leg!

  4. It's a blue tractor.

  5. It's really windy today.

  6. Look at that kitten it's really cute.

  7. It's flying through the window.

  8. The cat is licking its paws.

  9. The baby  is drinking its milk.

  10. The polar bear's playing in the snow. It's rolling over & over.


10...Fabulous! You are knock out!!!


7-9 Good job! Try again until you get 10.

Under 7 Keep trying with a friend until you get 10!

Thank you for reading. Please contact us if you would like to book lessons with us or if you have any questions about this post.

Have a fun & creative week.


Thank you


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