Meg's Halloween Clothes

October 22, 2018


Meg has been invited to a Halloween party. Meg is fed up. She always wears black.

  • Her black stockings

  • Her big black shoes

  • Her long black cloak

  • Her tall black hat

 Meg wants to try some new colours. Can you help her? Come & learn some really cool & beautiful colour words to help Meg.



Activity one

Identify different colours in the room

  • clothes

  • toys

  • stationary

  • food

  • plants

  • soft furnishings 

Brain storm colours & record

Activity two

Sorting pens/pencils/crayons by basic colour

  • Sort into basic groups of colour- red blue green yellow pink etc

  • Choose one colour group E.g blue 

  • Look at the pencils & crayons in the blue group

  • Are they all the same?

  • Elicit further colour vocabulary E.g light/dark/pale/bright/pearly/shiny/flourescent etc

  • Organize the blues from lightest to darkest 

  • Record  all new blue words

Activity three

New colour vocabulary

To understand that all colours have their own special name

You need paper/material samples of light & dark colours


  1. Lime green & forest green

  2. Mauve & dark purple

  3. Hot pink & baby pink

  4. Baby blue & ultramarine

  5. Fire engine red & scarlet

    Beautiful Colour cards for your little ones

Contact us for your free printables



  •  Match the crayon/pencil with the correct colour scrap

  • Everybody writes the name of the colour using the correct colour pencil/crayon on a large piece of card

  • Display on the wall

Activity four

Part 1

Investigate new colour language

  • Put children into favourite colour groups

  • Each group collects their favourite colour crayons & pencils 

  • Organize the crayons/pencils from lightest to darkest

  • What do you think they are called? Make up & their own colour names

  • I wonder what other people call these colour? Discuss

  • How can we find out? Discuss

Activity five

Compare their colour names with standard names

  • Share a selection of books/make-up adverts/brochures/paint charts/closed paint tubes/recipes/seed & flower catalogues/ fashion catelogues/wall paper charts/ colour charts/colour wheels/websites etc

  • Find out the name of the pencils/crayons colours

  • Compare with your own colour names. Are any similar/same/totally different?

  • Each group reports back to the class

  • Which names do you like best & why?

  • Write the new colours onto the large piece of card from activity three

Activity six

Make a colourful Halloween costume game 

Help Meg decide which colours to wear



Each child

  • Chooses a 4 different colours/shades/tones

  • Collects the matching paints/crayons/pencils/felt pens

  • Has 4 photocopies of Meg's costume sheet

  • Fills in the hat, cloak, shoes & stockings (use one colour per sheet)

  • Writes the name of the colour 3 times (once by the hat/cloak/ & shoes)

  • Cut along each dotted line

Play the game

4 students

4x4 =16 cards

Game one

  • Turn all cards face down on the table

  • Take turns to turn over one card

  • If it is your card keep it

  • Winner= the 1st child to find all his/her cards

Game two

  • Turn all cards face down on the table

  • Take turns turn over one card

  • You need to find in this order

  1. A hat

  2. A cloak

  3. The stockings & shoes

  • Can be any colour

  • Winner = the child with the most completed costumes

  • Discuss which colour combinations look good

  • Draw & describe your favourite combination for Meg

Please contact us to



 Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous Halloween.



copyright  October 2018



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